11 Highest Paying Cities for Dentists

If you work as a dentist, you definitely need to know what 11 highest paying cities for dentists
As a person that couldn’t even wipe her own son’s spit, I have to say that dentists are definitely not appreciated enough, especially the ones working for the government. This is why many dentists start their own practices and people are still more willing to pay for them rather than going to the hospitals. Still, when the paycheck arrives, the disappointment comes as well.

And this is not only the case with dentists. The whole medical sector has this issue as well as insurance companies. People stopped paying the attention to their health and started focusing only on the profit. Even though we are all aware that money means nothing when the sickness comes, we still turn to it when we are at the bottom. But, again, no one will help you heal unless you provide them the certain amount of money. It is as simple as that.

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Even though dentists are not taken as serious and important as they should, when people have a toothache, they realize that they would rather have the problem with the appendix or even cancer than suffering this kind of pain. But it is usually too late. We remember them just when our teeth fall off and we have to literally buy new fictitious ones.

When it comes to working as a dentist, Insider Monkey did a research last year and took the statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics as the primary source. According to its report from 2014, there were 151,500 dentists working in their profession. According to the report from 2015, the average annual wage for dentists was $158,310, which was approximately $76.11 per an hour. if you would look closer, this actually isn’t that low. Many professions require more working hours for the same annual wage and, at the end of the day, their average hourly wage is estimated somewhere between $20 and $40. According to that calculation, if dentists would prolong their working hours, they would have even higher earnings than they do now.

For the ranking 11 highest paying cities for dentists, Insider Monkey had to take more criteria into consideration and those were the average annual and hourly wage, the number of employees but, even more important, the entry-level salary. Let’s face it, no matter how good you are, as a beginner, you won’t ever be paid as high as more experienced colleagues and you don’t want to waste your time if you don’t have to. Now, proceed to the list regarding 11 highest paying cities for dentists.

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