11 Highest Paying Summer Internships for High Schoolers

What are the Highest Paying Summer Internships for High Schoolers? If you are a student and are looking to gain some experience by doing an internship and also are hoping to fill your pockets, we have got just the thing for you. We have come up with this list of the Highest Paying Summer Internships for High Schoolers. Summer internships are one of the best ways to utilize a summer, gain experience, have fun, and even earn money! We suggest that every high school student should intern at least once during their school life so that they can continue with their college education with a bit of real-time experience. One does not just learn the work but also others things such as keeping up obligations, being responsible, and team work. This will prove to be very helpful in the upcoming years of college life and then later, your work life. Also, interning at a particular organization or institution could make your chances better of entering into a college of your choice. Interning will also help you realize your interest and passion for a field.

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To create this list, we had to research quite a bit. We came across a lot of options and we narrowed it down according to the stipend provided by the company. Though there are hundreds of internships available, very few are decently paid. We obtained information from Mommy Poppins, Internships, and The Collegiate Blog.

City of Hope Internship, NASA Internships for HS Students, and Raising Interest in Science and Engineering Summer Internship are among the Highest Paying Summer Internships for High Schoolers. City of Hope Internship offers the interns $4,000 for a 10-week long internship. It is held in Duarte, California. It is a chance for the students to learn by using the labs along with their mentors. To qualify, you will have to be a US citizen and be 16 years old at the least. NASA Internships for HS Students offers its interns $3,750 as the stipend. You will need to have a minimum GPA of 3.5 along with being a 16-year-old US citizen. You can choose your pick from finance, technology, science, business, engineering and more. Raising Interest in Science and Engineering Summer Internship gives its interns a stipend of $2,500. If you hail from a low-income family and live with a 25-mile radius of Stanford University, you can try for this internship.

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