11 Highest Paying Summer Internships for High Schoolers

Would you rather spend your whole summer in front of the TV or chase down some of the 11 highest paying summer internships for high schoolers? I thought so. In that case, you should stick to me, while we find the best ways for you to get more knowledge and experience while earning some money.

If you are in high school right now, it is about time that you start thinking about your future. Killing time with some low paid job isn’t something that perspective people do so neither should you. You can always babysit your neighbor’s child or take other people’s dog for a walk for $20, but let’s be real. These jobs are taking you only a few hours per a week, sometimes even less and you won’t be learning anything new.

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If you take some job like this during the summer, with all of your free time, it would be a real waste of time and resources for you. On the other hand, there are internships in big corporations that will give you more experience and knowledge that you could gain in class and wait to start college to learn the basics won’t get you anywhere. Besides, your internship resume will look great on your college application and the job application in your profession in the future. Face it, everyone is eager to hire the most perspective and the most ambitious people, even the ones without a degree.

The best thing with these internships is that most of them are paid nowadays. So, if you get accepted, you will gain knowledge, experience, you will learn how to work in a team, how to organize the best, and earn money on the way. And what amount of money are we talking about? $50-$200 per a month? Ok, you can always find companies that will hire you for their dirty work, scheduling their treatments, picking up their dry cleanings, going to the stores instead of them, but I am now thinking bigger. I am thinking $600 to $4,000 bigger. Interesting, right? Or impossible? It is interesting and it isn’t impossible. But watch out, if you thought that no one will care about your high school success, you were wrong, especially now. Unless you have someone to pull the strings for you, but it wouldn’t be fair for your peers who work their best during the whole year so they could get some opportunity like this. On the other hand, if you don’t have someone important in your family who can put you on the list, type yourself to the chair starting with this September, and, this time next year, you can be richer for $4,000. I bet some of your parents don’t have this high salary, right?

So, let’s get something straight – would you like the internship that will improve your skills and pay you between $600 and $4,000? If you do, check out 11 highest paying summer internships for high schoolers.

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