11 Low Stress Jobs With High Pay

We all got used to being under a lot of stress because of our jobs and balancing the work with our family duties, but not many of us are aware of existence or possibilities of 11 low-stress jobs with high pay.

We are all thought: the higher salary equals more responsibility. More responsibility equals more stress. Therefore, higher salary equals more stress. And got used to it. Even with that, we seek for the higher positions and higher salaries like the stress we are going to experience is nothing to us. Of course, sometime after we sit on a bigger chair, we realize what we have done but we always find comfort in the knowledge that there is one zero more waiting for us when the new paycheck comes.

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But is it worth it? All that stress related to the job that will most likely soon be reflected on your personal life as well. Even though many of you would admit that their job somehow ruins them, none of them would agree on taking the lower position with lower incomes. Are we that greedy? Or we learned that nothing in this world can’t be done without the money? Sure, it can. But does it ever occur to anyone what that level of stress does to people?

Stress is reflected on every aspect of our life. That includes our body, our mind, and our soul. They all suffer great damages and, before we know it, it is the end of our time. When you look back now, how many of you can say that they can look back in the previous year and see that their life was fulfilled? That they were completely satisfied for a whole month?
And how many times did you have a headache, stomachache, higher blood pressure, pain? The level of stress is affecting our well-being and even the strongest people at the first sight can’t escape the consequences.

But, believe it or not, there are a lot of job opportunities out there that offer you both high salary and relaxation. By relaxation, I don’t mean being able to sleep at your office or lift your legs up and do nothing, but at least you won’t be frustrated all the time. People say that the only job with these terms is the one that you love but, trust me, it isn’t. It all depends on the duties that come with the title and, of course, the employer you work for. I can’t tell you who to work for, but I can offer you to check 11 low-stress jobs with high pay that Insider Monkey recently found. Click on the headline and prepare your CV.

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