11 Low Stress Jobs With High Pay

Keep reading about the low stress jobs with high pay. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about his topic. Earning lots of money is a dream of everyone, I think. Salary is one of the first things that we ask when we go to job interview. Money is important but not everything. I must confess I like working and of course I like being paid for it. But earning more than we did previously depends on lots of things. We need to improve, learn something new in our field, for example a new database, a new language or new cuisines if you are a chef.  Anything that we can add to our list of skills.

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Stress is a very harmful factor in our everyday life, so no wonder that you would like to have a job with the least stress. Now, Insider Monkey has investigated it for, so you sit comfortably in your armchair, and check the opportunities with us!

We have picked three job from Insider Monkey’s list. The first one is economics teacher. The median payment is $99,770. This job includes both teachers who are engaged in teaching and teachers who are doing a combination of both teaching and research. In order to work as an economics teacher, you will need more than five years of experience, a bachelor degree, master’s, Ph.D., Md., or J.D. and on-the-job training. This is one of the least stressful jobs you can do and earn a high income at the same time. The next one actuary. The median payment is  $100,610. Using advanced statistics and modeling software, actuaries are forecasting the cost and prohibition of a specific event. They are analyzing the financial cost of risk as well as uncertainty while using math, statistics and financial theory. Their job is to help businesses and clients to develop policies which will minimize the cost of the risk. For this job, you will need bachelor’s degree and to pass a series of exams. Also, in order to be successful in your job you will need business, statistics, and mathematical skills. People who are working as economists are interpreting and forecasting market trends, and their paymant can be $101,050. But, despite that, they are also studying the production and distribution of goods, resources, and services while analyzing data and evaluating economic issues. Most of them are working in an office, independently, but they are also often collaborating with other statisticians and economists. Most of the economists have a master’s degree or Ph.D. but, there are some entry level jobs which are accepting with a bachelor’s degree, like the federal government.

For any further interesting information, you should read Insider Monkey’s article about the 11 low stress jobs with high pay

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