11 most expensive handbag brands in the world

Let’s play with accessories a bit. Open your closet and see if there is some sample of 11 most expensive handbag brands in the world. Don’t you know which ones are they? Let’s take a look a find out.

Women are required to have all different kinds of bags in their closet, all for different purposes. There should be tiny, elegant ones for big events, some more classy and some sparkly, depending on the event they are attending.  Also, they need to have at least one tiny, but casual handbag for everyday activities like walking the dog or going to the stores. They should be big enough to put your keys, phone, and wallet inside, but small enough not to get on your way.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Then, they are moving on for a bit bigger handbags, where they can put both necessary and unnecessary equipment they can carry. There was an online survey couple of years ago, where women all age sent the pictures or videos of the contents of their handbags, and the results were shocking. From deodorants, makeup, paperwork, gum and candy papers, pens, jewelry, bills, glasses, coins, medications, as said before, anything other that they can carry because you never know when you’ll going to need it.

If you are going into some a bit more elite neighborhood, you will also find girls carrying around tinier dogs breeds in their handbags. And handbag makers understand it all, which is why they tend to make all the possible mixes of handbags as they can in order to please all of their customers.

From gold to leather, all colors and textures, there isn’t a thing you could imagine that at least one bag in the world doesn’t have. And, let’s be real. The handbag you are carrying tells more about you than any piece of clothes you are wearing. They are like wristwatches for men. And like men are willing to give as much money as needed to wear the most prestigious wristwatch, women don’t care, or maybe even care too much to have the most expensive handbags. We all know that people are obsessed with Louis Vuitton. But, because of the highest prices of their handbags, it is completely understandable why most of the population is carrying around fake handbags around. Luckily for them, most of the fake handbags manufacturers became so good in their business that the difference is not recognizable to anyone but the experts. And how much money would experts give for 11 most expensive handbag brands in the world? See for yourself.

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