11 Most Hated Companies in America in 2017

What are the most hated companies in America in 2017? In broader terms, many oil companies are at the receiving end of a lot of ire from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), which criticize them for their destruction of the environment, among other issues.

Why are some companies so hated in America? What irritates their users and why people do not like them? If we are talking about working in some of these companies why are they hated? Companies are as good as the real managers who lead people daily and who are responsible for the relationships between employees. At first, we are very motivated and believe that the work we are doing and the company we work for just what we want. Sometimes it does not happen. Not for company, office, team, but for those who lead people. Most people want security, to see their future in a company. Leaders, give your employees the reason to bind themselves and their future to the firm they work for. That’s why all the leaders, managers if you want to keep the right people with you, or as many are called top talents, And players, ask yourself how can you change yourself first. People, in most cases, leave you, not the companies they work for. Leaders should discover the feelings, desires, and intentions of the employees to guide them. Every man needs someone who will be his mirror, someone who will understand his feelings. Put yourself in the position of your employee, ask him if you can help him, behave the way you want others to act towards you. You and your staff will feel better. The same situation is with the users of the services of these companies. People mostly do not like this company because of internal relationships and attitudes towards them. On this list is has to be Sears Holdings Corp. Do you know why? The company ranks extremely poorly in customer satisfaction among department store chains, besting only Wal-Mart. Employee satisfaction is also small, being dragged down by low wages and unprofessional management. Did you know that McDonalds’s Corporation is also on this list? McDonald’s may be suffering additional hate for its stance against a $15 minimum wage, and because it’s often cited prominently in any discussion regarding that movement, alongside Wal-Mart.

If you want to read the rest of the article and find out all about this interesting topic, check Insider’s Monkey list of 11 Most Hated Companies in America in 2017. 

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