11 Most Multicultural Countries In The World

If you thought that the US is the most open-minded country that welcomes literally everyone who wants to cross the border and live there, you are wrong. Actually, these are 11 most multicultural countries in the world.

Although the US seems to have it all and that there are multiple nations living there, it still doesn’t rank high enough to make its place on this list. Although some of you might think that it is all new president’s fault, but now it isn’t the case. The data that was used for compiling the list was the percentage of foreign-born residents for each state, so that means that the parents of that newborn baby had to be living there for a couple of years. Also, it was important to know the exact number of people who live in the foreign country for their whole life. As it turned out eventually, European countries are the most advanced in this matter.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Each country has its benefits why so many people try to immigrate in it, but not so many of them are that keen to let everyone in. Although, before the wars, people could get in and out of the European countries as many times as they wanted, the biggest reason why this list is compiled mostly of European countries nowadays is that of the forming of the United Nations. By becoming the part of the UN, each country provides its residents the free access to every other country that is also the part of it but, in the same time, it allows every resident from another country from the UN immigrate without any additional costs and paperwork. If you live in a country that isn’t a part of the UN looking forward to moving to some other country, you might want to check 10 easiest countries to immigrate to.

Not that surprising, capitals of these 11 most multicultural countries in the world are also the most ethnically diverse cities in the world and the countries by themselves are mostly the richest countries in the world by GDP per capita. People who are most responsible for that success actually are those immigrants that come in countries to find the better life but many of them also start some international business or at least, open an office of their already established business in their country.

As said before, to compile the list, we had to find the exact percentage of the foreign-born residents. The truth is, it took some time, but now you can click on the link and you will automatically be transferred to 11 most multicultural countries in the world.

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