11 Most Popular Religions in The World

You have all heard about Christianity, Islam, and Buddhism, but what if we told you that our list contain 11 most popular religions in the world, all counting more than 3 million followers? Stay with us for more information.

The term religion is referring to believing in something that can’t be proven. It can’t be seen, nor heard, or touched. You can’t even smell it or taste it. It is just some kind of miracle that has and will going to happen again and you just have to trust it. There is no right religion, although most followers assume that their religion is the only right one in the whole world. But, if you would take a closer look, you would see that each of them have similar standards, but only the different name for a leader. Christians have God, Muslims have Allah, and Buddhists have Buddha.  But all of this can be summed up into two things: good behavior and strong faith that you will be rewarded some day for it. Even religious people who suffer their whole life believe that their struggle is a sacrifice that they have to take in order to get closer to god or that their children have the brighter future. Is it a true or not, no one will probably ever know.

The all religions can be classified in three different groups. The first one are international religions, that have followers all around the world and have roots few centuries back. Those are the ones considered transcultural such as Christianity or Islam. Another one is indigenous religion which is characteristic to a specific ethnic group. One of those is Judaism, so you get the point. And the third group consist religions such as Pastafarianism and Scientology and those are considered to be new religious movement.

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You are already familiar with the first two religious groups and Scientology. As for the ones who are uncertain what Scientology stands for, it is belief, as the name by itself says, in science. Everything that can be seen, touched, smelled, tasted, or heard. Everything that brings some formula with it. Everything that can be proven. Everything that is certain. Some people refer to them as non-believers. But that isn’t a thing. They also believe, but not in miraculous stories.

But the religion that you have definitely never heard of is Pastafarianism, so let us explain it to you. The Pastafarianism stands for Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It started off in Kansas as a sarcastic response to their Board of Education when they replaced subject of evolution with intelligent design in school. Although it started off as a joke, as soon as it became viral, it became a real sensation, which followers all around New Zealand and the Netherlands. And what do followers of Pastafarianism believe in? As funny as it sounds, they also believe like the rest of the world that one fictional person created the whole Earth and everything on it, except, in their version, it isn’t the fictional person, but Flying Spaghetti Monster creature. Yes, believe it or not, it is the thing.

If you want to discover the rest of the 11 most popular religions in the world, let’s proceed to the original article and see if there are some uncommon ones more.

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