11 Most Powerful Champions in League of Legends For Kills

Who are the Most Powerful Champions in the League of Legends For Kills? Any person interested in online games should see this to increase their skills. The source taken is from Neopets and Club Penguin. Though it gives rise to addiction it is full of fun. The League of Legends is quite different from other online games. This game is full of battle where players go to battle and this generally requires a lot of skills as the levels go up. There is an element of roleplaying with some real-time strategy to play this game. Players of all levels can enjoy playing it then replaying once again because there are many ways in which it can be played. A beginner should first look into the OP characters in the League of Legends to understand the game and then carry forward to crush the foes in the battle.

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ChampionGC was the source of creating the list. We averaged the kills per game taken from the higher divisions like Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Challenger. The statistics are taken from Patch 7.7. Riot Games is patching and changing every week the champions and hence the statistics also keep changing frequently. The more the number of killing will ultimately decide the champion and come to the top on our list. To know, who is the most powerful champions in the League of Legends, continue reading the list.

Fizz, Master Yi, Zed are some of the Most Powerful Champions of the League of Legends For Kills. Fizz kills an average per game of 9.27. It is one of the most entertaining games and powerful champions as he averages 5.41 per game assistance and hence can be said to be a team player. Master Ii is averaging 4.77 assists per game He first builds himself then he becomes one of the fastest champions. Zed has an average kill of 8.06 per game. He is great and a champion both in solo queue and professional scene. He averages 5.43 assists per game. The maximum number of killing makes him the most powerful champions I n League of Legends for the kills.

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