11 Most Profitable Direct Sales Businesses for Stay at Home Moms

So you are interested in the most profitable direct sales businesses for stay at home moms. You don’t need to stay at home in order to inquire of these businesses. Making more money is especially very good if you have kids – so this article is for you now! Insider Monkey recently published an article about this topic giving you some very useful tips.

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Direct sales have been very popular and profitable business since the 70’s when women used to sell Tupperware products at home parties. This type of business allows saleswomen to sell products directly to buyers, face-to-face; since no retail stores are needed and there are no various fees to pay, the profit usually depends on the percentage of the total sale. On the other hand these companies have gained this bad reputation due to numerous frauds and pyramidal schemes which used to be very common in the past and usually presented as completely legal. But successful multi-level companies nowadays are devoted to satisfying their salespeople’s needs by paying them commission fees for each item sold. So it is worth checking these opportunities.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three items from their list for now. The first option is Wine and other beverages. If you think that people would never buy a beverage or wine in this way and that they would rather go to a store, you should know that there are many companies which have earned a fortune by selling these products like this. Many of them are willing to accept new members and they offer very interesting conditions to their sellers. Traveling Vineyard, for example, offers 35% commission fees, which is much higher than for any other product sold in this way. The only problem could be the affiliation fee, which can go up to $140. If you are more interested in selling liquors or other beverages, you can join Mix Party Company, and get 45% for each item you sell. The second possibility is Jewelry. Do not be afraid to sell jewelry through direct sales. It is very popular among women and, unsurprisingly, they earn a lot of money in this way. However, it is necessary to be talented and have or acquire skills needed for selling expensive things. Chloe and Isabel is a company founded in the 60’s and it offers 20-40% commission fee to their sellers. There are also companies where the membership is very low but the earnings are very high, like Stella and Dot. For only $25 a month, you can earn up to $400 for the same period.

For any further useful information read Insider Monkey’s article about 11 most profitable direct sales businesses for stay at home moms

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