11 Most Successful Fast Food Chains In The World

Which are the Most Successful Fast Food Chains in the World? Appetite is something which all of us have, and to satisfy ourselves, most of us have been to one of these successful food joints. Even though we know that fast food is the most disgusting food ever created, it is ordered, cooked and delivered in just five minutes and eaten too. Here the McDonald’s Corporation’s French fries need to be mentioned. They are so good that people go crazy about it. Many of these fast foods taste so good that these food joints are never going to go out of fashion. Most joints are nowadays supplying healthier alternatives and have calories chart too because it is well known that the food supplied by them is unhealthy food.

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Fast food joints are quite popular but the popularity is due to the characteristics of certain regions. The In-n-Out is on the West Coast and on the Southern side the popularity goes to Whataburger popular, though they cannot compete with the national and international sales. There are great competition and challenge in the field of building a fast food chain. To prepare this list, we got the sales data from QSR to find out which are the most prominent sales grade in the chains of fast food. The sales data had been taken from each food chain in the list and added to arrive at the figure of the international sales. They have been put in order of the maximum to the minimum sales. That food chain which has the maximum sales is on the top.

KFC – Yum! Brands, Inc., Starbucks Corporation, and Pizza Hut – Yum! Brands, Inc. are among the most successful fast food chains in the world. KFC – Yum! Brands, Inc. has the sales of $18.90 billion. The Yum brand restaurants are KFC, which is known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. They have been operating since March 20, 1930. As of today, there are over 20,000 KFC branches of KFC in 123 countries. Next is the Starbucks Corporation. The system-wide sales are $14.98 billion. It is a company which was established in Seattle, Washington on March 31, 1971. It is one of the most popular coffee houses in the world, operating in 24,464 locations. Pizza Hut – Yum! Brands, Inc., has sales of $10.30 billion. It is one of the largest units in the world, has about 15,000 locations. It was established on June 15, 1958, in Kansas.

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