11 Most Successful Fast Food Chains in the World

Are you a fan of fast food? Do you have some specific fast food diner where you eat or you are too experimental to stick to one place? Well, Insider Monkey recently published the article about 11 most successful fast food chains in the world that, according to their revenue, obviously have a lot of fans worldwide keeping them at the top of the business.

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When I was a child, the only fast food restaurant in the town I live in was McDonald’s. I was too little to understand why my mom was against it in the first place, but she took me there from time to time to surprise me. I remember her allowing me to throw a birthday party for my 7th birthday because it was a trend among my peers that year. I just had such a lovely time and I especially loved their big special chairs for birthday boys and girls and toys you got in every happy meal package all kids got. Even when it wasn’t my birthday, I just loved when I got the invitation for someone else’s birthday party at McDonald’s. But few years after my 7th birthday, McDonald’s was closed, and, instead of the giant clown and the trampoline, there was a giant rent sign. I think that this was the saddest day in every child’s life. There were no clowns, happy-meals, trampolines, special and most delicious French fries, and definitely no more toy surprises.

Don’t laugh, but I wasn’t even aware of the fact that McDonald’s is a multi-billion dollar company that has its restaurant in at least 5 more cities around me. So, when later one of my friends bragged that he and his parents visited McDonald’s, we all thought that he was lying. But guess who was the last laughing? Definitely not me.

But 15 years later, McDonald’s still didn’t visit the city I am living in again and it probably won’t ever. Luckily, with my driver’s license and some extra cash, I can go visit it just a few miles away.

I now realize that this company has its franchises all over the world and that their business is still going on. The fact that I wasn’t aware of until recently is that about 80 years after the first opening, McDonald’s is today worth not millions as I expected, but 80.43 BILLION dollars, which now explains a lot. It explains the fact that it is on top of the fast food chains for 80 years now and how it is spread on about 36,899 different locations in 120 different countries. Of course, this couldn’t be possible without their excellent food and 68 million customers per a day. But still, if you trust numbers, McDonald’s will definitely stay on top for at least couple of decades more.

Even though we are aware of the fact that fast food isn’t the healthiest nutrition, we all still pretty much addicted to it, no matter what we are all saying. We are all chasing for the greasiest burgers and French fries and don’t care about their price. And even though health care organizations worldwide are trying their best to sustain the consumption of fast food because of the health problems they are causing, we all know that all the salads these fast food chains are bringing up after the inspections are only the lame excuses for health care organization to allow their work. Let’s be real, even they can’t persist McDonald’s salty French fries.

So, besides McDonald’s, which fast food chains also found their place on Insider Monkey’s list? Check out their list for 11 most successful fast food chains in the world to find out.

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