11 Stores Like Lulu’s, Tobi, and Nasty Gal

Keep reading about stores like Lulu’s, Tobi and Nasty Gal. It is a very interesting topic and now Insider Monkey has published an article about it. Nowadays women are assuming more positions of power and authority within organizations, earning more than they used to, and becoming more prominent players in all aspects of business decision-making.

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This change has manifested itself in myriad ways.  Instead of going to the local farmer’s market (there likely is no ‘local farmer’s market’ anymore) and admiring the fresh produce on display in push-carts and hand-crafted wicker baskets, we bustle to the nearest mega-mart, hurriedly tossing whatever’s on sale into our shopping carts.  Rather than setting aside an evening to prepare a sumptuous, healthy, home-cooked meal, we dart into Chipotle or hire the services of some meal delivery enterprise to feed us from one night to the next.

Curious to see which companies were leading the pack in this shopping shift, we did a bit of digging, and came back with three harbingers that sort of trumpeted the arrival of this new trend in the way that women shop for clothes: Lulu’s, Tobi, and Nasty Gal. Specializing in fashion for young women, with an array of offerings ranging from shoes and jewelry to tops and dresses, each of these stores boasts a considerable presence as retailers domestically, as well as in a plethora of foreign markets.

We have picked two items from Insider Monkey’s list for now. Misguided was founded  in 2008, this Manchester, UK-based e-commerce firm has made a name for itself via its fresh offerings–showcasing new items daily–and attention-grabbing advertising.  The store maintains active contact with would-be consumers through a variety of social media outlets, and has been able to convert this to over $150 million in sales.   With figures like those, it won’t be a question of if Misguided can join the ranks of the online fashion elite, but when. Showpo is the first of the Australian-based businesses to be featured on this list. Showpo was founded out of a garage in 2010, and was actually originally known by the slightly-longer monicker “Show Pony.”  Though the brand initially had an in-store presence much like that of Dorothy Perkins, the online boom of which we spoke drove the shop to put all of its eggs into the online retail basket.  With strong followings on various social media platforms, and a business performance to match, so far so good.

For any further interesting information read Insider Monkey’s article about 11 stores like Lulu’s, Tobi and Nasty Gal

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