11 Weird Jobs that Make Over $100,000 a Year

There are 11 weird jobs that make over $100,000 a year, don’t make you sit in your office the whole day, and, by the end of the year allow you to take all the money you have earned so far, throw it on the floor and swim among these papers.

Just kidding, even with this high salary, you must remember that there are bills to be paid, food to be bought and prepared, clothes to be bought, gas (if you own a car), and, by the end of the year, good luck with having $20,000 in your piggy bank left. Unless you are a daddy’s princess or mommy’s sweet boy. In that case, you are not chasing for money, but fun, or a job that would show your parents that you can be independent and worthy of their legacy so that they give you some of their companies for the 25th birthday or on your wedding day.

Pixabay/Public Domain

Some of us weren’t that lucky to have wealthy parents to stand behind us and provide us everything we could ever dream of. Some of us need to earn everything on our own. The only legacy some of us were lucky enough to have is the good word about our family, but that’s all. And even if some of those people that highly respect some member of your family hire you, it would be a lot more difficult because you can be the one that embarrassed the whole family. I know what you are going to say: ’’We live in the 21st century and no one pays attention to it anymore.’’ But you are wrong. Everyone does, including you.

But just because not everyone has wealthy and powerful parents, it doesn’t mean that he can’t pick the job that he likes and have fun. For example, the weirdest job that I have ever heard of was the professional bridesmaid. As a professional bridesmaid, the girls have all the chores that other bridesmaids would have, but since the bride wants them to have fun or don’t trust them to do their job well, she hires this professional to make sure that everything is in order, from the flower arrangement until the end of the party. It is paid around $1,000 per a wedding and, if you are lucky enough to be booked every third day, this is the job that can be easily put on this list as well. But, since it isn’t the full-time or secure job, there are other lists that we will cover some other time and include this profession as well. For now, we have these 11 weird jobs that make over $100,000 a year that will cover all of your expenses without any issue. Care to check them out?

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