11 Youngest Birth Mothers of All Time

Who are the Youngest Birth Mothers of All Time? In the older eras, the people did not indulge in sexual activities until wed. Now, it is a different story. Today, many people have several different sexual partners before they decide to settle down with the one they find completes them. In spite of many being aware of safe sex and birth control measures, not many control themselves after a couple of times. Many times, late measures are not enough to take care of accidental pregnancies leading to unwanted babies born. According to a report by Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the teen birth rate in the US has gone down from 26.5 to 24.2 in one single year! Unfortunately, the birth rate among Hispanic and non-Hispanic black teens is twice that of non-Hispanic white teens.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Though many women have now become career oriented that they do not look for having a child of their own at all. On the other hand, unplanned pregnancies are on the rise with 45% from 27%. A major problem faced by young mothers after an unplanned pregnancy is to find and hold a job while taking care of their baby. We consulted many official and other websites to search for information about the youngest birth mothers of all times. Viola and MotherHow are some of the websites which helped us complete this list. We have not included those mothers who delivered stillborn.

Hilda Trujillo, Dafne, and María Eulalia Allende are among the Youngest Birth Mothers of All Time. Hilda Trujillo was just 8 when she gave birth to her baby. She was in labor for about 5 hours and she delivered without any anesthetics. Her 22-year-old cousin was responsible for impregnating her. Dafne was 9 years old when delivered her baby with Cesarean section and due to some problems, she had to be sterilized. It is not clear whether the father of the baby is her 17-year-old boyfriend or her 44-year-old step-father. María Eulalia Allende was also 9 when she gave birth to a baby boy, Ernesto Allende. Her older cousin was the baby’s father and he disappeared 2 months before she was due to deliver. Check out the others on this who have bravely given birth at the tender age of 9.

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