12 Affordable Eco Friendly Clothing Brands in US and Canada

Which are the Affordable Eco-Friendly Clothing Brands in US and Canada? According to the 11 most ethical and fair trade clothing companies in US and Canada, It is good to make yourself feel good and look nice, but at a very high cost.It need not be the case. Many companies are publishing reports and labeling everything as organic from coffee to toilet papers and how good are they for the environment. People pay more and are happy to use these items. Some companies allow you to bring in the used clothes and in return offer you a discount of buying the popular brand of underwear at cheaper rates.

Image Credit: Pixabay

These clothing companies follow the trends and fashions change very quickly. Zara changes its collection of dresses, twice a week and H&M gets new fashion once in 2 weeks. These materials cannot be used after sometimess and you have to buy the clothes in every few weeks. Though the recycling policy is there, these are done overseas paying heavily for the shipment. Here also you are charged more for recycling because the company is paying extra for it. According to Greenpeace’s report on 19 fashion companies have agreed to use eco- friendly clothes. Nike Inc. has been producing only eco- friendly clothes.

Major companies produce toxic based clothes, producers like Louis Vuitton, Gap Inc, and PVH corps are some of them. To get eco-friendly bags and clothes, it is not necessary to kill cows and crocodiles which make these products unaffordable to most of the people. Nature has provided, cotton, bamboo, jute, and hemp, which can be used for making fabrics and dresses. Woolen and silk fabrics are also available to be got from the organic sector. The answer to this dilemma is to wear the clothes more and buy less and throw away the clothes which are not trendy.

Some of the affordable eco- friendly clothing brands in the US and Canada are Swallow Clothing Co., Pere, and Sattva. Apart from making garments, Swallow clothing company make eco-friendly glasses. They use bamboo and wood for making the frames. This company Pere uses organic clothing in US and Canada. They produce durable and every day wear clothes and they use hand dyed fabrics. Sattva. uses organic and non- GMO cotton. They are influenced by the Indian bold prints and some part of their revenue goes to the Indian farmers, where cotton is grown.

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