12 Campaign Ideas to Raise Awareness

What are the Campaign Ideas to Raise Awareness? There are some ideas for raising the awareness and getting involved in the campaign. We want to make some changes in the society. Our website feels that ‘there is no problem without a solution’ and is very confident in creating awareness in the society. Everyone can participate in the movement. There are people who have great ideas with talent and creativeness to help others. They help out when someone is struck with some problems and cannot go ahead. Such people reach out to the masses and holding the attention of the public very easy for them. Effective ideas are implemented by the advertisements for raising the awareness. NCVO gives free ideas and programs for the awareness and makes a better society. To create the list of 10 campaign ideas to raise awareness, they have gone through the 2017 and selected one campaign for every month in this year.

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World Alzheimer’s Month in September, Strep Awareness Month in July, and Ovarian Cancer Awareness in March are a few of the Campaign Ideas to Raise Awareness. World Alzheimer’s Month is devoted to promoting awareness about Alzheimer’s. Sixth global world Alzheimer’s month is open to the campaign and boost the awareness of the public. “It’s a time for action, a global movement united by its call for change, but also a time to reflect on the impact of dementia, a disease that will affect more and more people as the years pass.” This is their slogan and more can be known from the website if anyone wants to take up the cause.

Group B Streptococcus (GBS) is found in the gut of the adults and in the 25% of women in their vagina. It does not have any symptoms and it is not sexually transmitted also. This disease is found in the new-born babies also, and it has become important to create awareness in the people. Ovarian Cancer Awareness happens in March. Women should be aware and they should know the symptoms of ovarian cancer. One such institution, Target Ovarian Cancer is spreading the knowledge and information, about cancer to a woman, who have crossed the age of 50. Women are not aware and they do not know the symptoms of ovarian cancer. It is the campaign of the ‘Target Ovarian Cancer’, which is making woman join its group and to ‘Start Making Noise’ to save lives.

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