12 Easiest Healthcare Jobs to get Into That Also Pay Well

Which are the Easiest Healthcare Jobs to get Into That Also Pay Well? Healthcare is a growing industry and happens to be the biggest industry in the US. It offers employment to both fresher and professionals. There are more than 5000 hospitals employing 18 million workers in the US. Most of the employees are women. Women are best suited for this type of job which is based on their caring attitude toward people in general. Men also do perform such activities ably. With the projected growth of 19% by 2024 more jobs needs to be generated and this will give scope for employment, even though they have no degree. Many of the people who were on this job obtained their degrees while doing their work. People gain experience by starting on a low ladder and then climb to a better position by hand on experience. Medical secretaries learn software computer program while doing this job. This job requires long working hours coupled with high degree of patience and a smiling face. The list we have prepared was the input we got from Rammusen College, and Monster, for persons having no experience. Also, we took aid from blogs and various websites. The salary aspect was taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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Occupational therapy assistant, Surgical technologists, and Critical care nurses are some of the Easiest Healthcare Jobs to get Into That Also Pay Well. Occupational therapy assistant gets an annual salary of $54,520. They are responsible for therapy plan, to see the progress of healing and try to solve problems during the process of therapy. This job does not need a degree but they do need caring attitude. They also keep medical records of the patients. Surgical technologist gets an annual salary of $44,330. They are not a surgeon assistant, they work in surgical rooms and help medical employees, nurses, and other connected medical staff.

Surgical technologists maintain the surgical rooms and maintain cleanliness. They also handle heavy equipment and sterilize the equipment after a surgery is done. They are paid well. Critical care nurse draws annual salary amounting to $31,980.It is a well-paid job in the healthcare industry and the nurses are not involved in emergency situations. They just take care of the patients by giving them the necessary treatment, equipment, and medicines. They also push air into the lungs of the patient as part of their work. The job requires them to have a certain level of medical knowledge.

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