12 Funny Lessons Learned in High School

What are the Funny Lessons Learned in High School? The school is we learn many things and become what we are today. The experiences we gain during school time are far more valuable than the academics and they stick with us forever. Puberty is not to be taken lightly. From emotional changes to physical ones, a teenager has to go through all that and it is natural one goes through a lot of embarrassing moments. From learning how to talk your way out of things to finding out new stuff, teenage is the period of time you can do pretty much everything without getting judged!

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Some of the Funny Lessons Learned in High School are that Haters gonna hate no matter what, Drugs are fun but dangerous and that drinking is fun until you puke your guts out! You are just beginning to find yourself in high school. It is natural and indeed, advised that you try out all the things that catch your interest because it is likely that you will never get the chance again. What you like is never going to something that is appreciated by everyone. There is always going to be someone who is going to stand in your way, try to pull you back or judge you. You need to be comfortable trying out and doing what you want to do regardless of others’ opinions. You will realize the importance of this in the future.

Drugs should not be taken lightly, whether or not you are indulging in them. Many high-schoolers smoke weed for the very first time in their life during that period. Many try new different things as well. One needs to understand the difference between the fun experience and the deadly overdose or addiction. Always analyze to make sure you or your friends are not getting addicted. Be aware of the drugs and their side effects. For those who hold judgments against those who do drugs should not be biased against the things they have not even tried. It is a fun thing to do while in high school but getting addicted is not cool.

Drinking till you pass out is an experience almost everyone would have gone through before college. As one grows older, they realize how to control themselves and understand their limits, till then life is an all-you-can-drink party! There is nothing wrong with this as long as you as in a safe environment.

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