12 Medical Specialties with Best Quality of Life

So you have just decided to enroll into a medical school and now you are wondering what medical specialties with the best quality of life are. Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find some useful suggestions about this topic. In their article you can read which specialties give you the best quality of life, so you can use the article as a guide. With technology changing, healthcare will also change. So it is worth choosing a specialty that will change a lot in the future, because you can find lot of opportunities in this field.

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It is very important to choose the best school for yourself, as it will influence the quality of education, your future career – and of course your overall educational experience. Before choosing a school you should decide the specialty. What are you interested in? Can you see yourself as a surgeon while operating others? Or would you like to deal with children? Fortunately there are lots of specialties to choose from in the health industry, but if you know in advance what you want to be – it can help you during those times and long period when you have to learn a lot. If you choose a specialty that is highly respected you can earn enough money to repay your student debt, but you can still have a normal living standard.

In order to make their list, Insider Monkey has consulted sites like US Bureau of Labor Statistics. We have picked two specialties from Insider Monkey’s list. The severity of burnouts for Psychiatry & Mental Health is 4. Happiness at work is 37 percent, happiness outside of work is 66 percent. Having a private practice seems like a very good opportunity to have control over how much and when you work. Not having night shifts, not waking up early for some surgery, not having to cut people open, really the only downside is that you will make less money, but even so still a fair amount. Oncology has the burnout rate of 47 percent, and the severity of burnouts is very high at 4.5. Happiness at work is 36 percent, happiness outside of work is 66 percent. When it comes to Oncology, Radiation Oncology might be considered a new R in the R.O.A.D – radiation oncologist can potentially work for 40 hours a week, and just 4 days a week.

For any further useful information read Insider Monkey’s article about 12 medical specialties with the best quality of life


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