14 Believable Excuses for Skipping Class in Middle School

If you really wonder what you should find to out to skip school, then read our compilation of the 14  believable excuses for skipping class in middle school. It can happen to all of us that we really don’t feel like going to school, or work, and we are thinking of a good excuse. Now, we have come with a cool list from Insider Monkey.

It’s very good every now and then to skip school but don’t forget: at first you should try to ask your parents for their permission. I think you shouldn’t lie them. What’s more, they have to know where you are, because lots of dangerous things can happen to you. Now without a further ado, let’s check the compilation together!

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14. Diarrhea

This is the word that someone hears and don’t want to ask anything any more. All of us have from time to time, therefore we all know how unpleasant it is. So – this excuse is one of the best ones, I think.


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13. Weather

Nowadays using weather as an excuse is a risky, because we have the internet and the teachers can detect the weather of your area. But if there is a strom and heavy snowfall around your place, you can exaggerate a bit. Who knows? It may work.


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12. Mental health day

When I was a kid, I was a very good student, never skipped school without my mom’s permission. Therefore she generally gave me some days during every semester, when I didn’t have to go to school. If I told her I was tired, exhausted, or just I didn’t feel like going to school, I was allowed to stay at home. My Mom knew that I was at home, I read a good book, or had a walk with my cousins, and helped her with household chores. Perhaps your parents will allow you to skip a day if you try to convince them.

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11. Family emergency

It works on teachers definitely. This is the excuse that people normally hear and as they don’t want to be indiscreet, they don’t ask anything.


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10. Doctor / Dentist appointment

It’s always a good excuse for everyone. We need to visit doctors sometimes, so why shouldn’t you go to your dentist right tomorrow?


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9. Allergies

It can’t be detected if are allergic to something or not. So you can use it easily.

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8. Missed the alarm clock

I think this is one of the oldest excuses, if not the oldest one. However the truth is that it really can happen to everybody. Two years ago I got a new job, but the workplace was very far from me, so I had to get up early. Well, right on the first day, I overslept and I woke up at 6 am instead of 4.30 am. It was very embarrassing to call up the new boss of mine to explain what had happened. So – it does occur sometimes.

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7. Missed the school bus

Well, this is the excuse that shouldn’t be used very often, as nobody will believe you. But every now and then it can work.

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6. Lice

Lice can be cool excuses for skipping your school, but tell me honestly, do you really undertake that everybody will believe you had lice instead of going to school? Your parents will not believe it of course, but your teaches will.

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5. Illness in the family

We reached the top five of the 14 believable excuses for not going to schools. If someone is ill in your family, you really need to stay at home to help, right? People generally don’t keep asking if they hear there’s an ill person in your family.

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4. Religious holiday

It’s a sensitive issue,  and as for me, I wouldn’t make use of it, but if you want to, it can be very successful.

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3. Quarantined house

This excuse is a rather unique one, and I think the danger of come-down is pretty high! So be careful with this excuse!

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2. Period

This excuse is for only girls of course. It’s always a great one especially when you are young, and you have to get used to these things at the beginning. Later on the period will be much easier, but when you just started it, it can cause some problems, which can be a great opportunity to skip school.

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1. Holiday with family

This is the best excuse, naturally only if you really go on holidays with your family. And don’t forget: it’s cool to skip the school sometimes, but your parents are not your enemies, tell them what you would like, and if you are good at school, they will understand you.

Well, this was our compilation about the  15 believable excuses for skipping class in middle school, we hope you enjoyed it.

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