15 Best Jobs if You are Leaving Military

People are always asking what would they do after leaving their military job, but there are 15 best jobs if you are leaving military that would allow you to use your skills you gained while being the proud member of the US military force.

The biggest fear that everyone who is supposed to leave military has is that they might become one of those homeless people that live their new miserable life holding up for their war stories and there are many people of this kind on the streets. But this doesn’t mean that it would be your destiny as well.

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You might be also afraid that you won’t find a good job because you joined the military as soon as you graduated from high school and missed college. But, believe me, nowadays no one asks you for your degree. Unless you want to become a surgeon, of course. In that case, I hope that you stashed your salaries from previous years because the 10-years long period is waiting for you before you get the permission to even step into an O.R. and not to even mention assisting during some procedure.

But, in case you don’t see the surgery as your next calling, you shouldn’t be worried about finding a new job. According to the United States Department of Labor, the veterans’ unemployment rate in the US is only 3.7%, which is far below the national average and it is also the lowest veterans’ unemployment rate since 2007. And, trust me, every good agency want people with your skills in their service. It might be a longer process than you expected, but have you been received in the army as soon as you sent your application? Besides, you must have been trained in the military to be patient and tactical. And now is your chance to prove your training like every other resident in the US.

So what kind of job is the most suitable for the ex-soldier? Well, you can always work as a bodyguard, apply for becoming an FBI or a CIA agent. You can even work for the government if you like. Of course, they need to like you first.
But you can also find some job that the rest of the civilians are doing. You can become a translator, engineer, software developer, freelancer, or maybe even a cook. Whatever you like that doesn’t require a degree. Unless your family is willing to sacrifice some years of financial support for your education, but I don’t think that someone who spent years on training and physical work is now willing to step into a classroom again.

Does it make it easier now to leave the military? I sure hope so. And, as promised at the beginning, here are 15 best jobs if you are leaving military.

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