15 Best Selling Video Games of All Time

Looking forward to playing some top video game but don’t know where to start? Easy solution, any of 15 best selling video games of all time are the right choice.

Although we usually refer to video games as the waste of time, we all have to agree that playing a video games is extremely adictive pleasure. I remember while being in the high school… actually, even through the first two years of college, as soon as I sat down to take a break from the studying, some game would caught my eye and, instead of entertaining myself with it while having my break caffee, I would end up playing the same thing until my exam would start. So, guess who had to take one year all over again? The worst part is, I am not the only one facing this issue.

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But when did these video games become so popular? Basically, from their very beginning back in 1972. The first video game ever launched was the Pong, the table tennis simulation game that started the new era in all of our lives. This new industry even made the $75 billion in revenue last year. Not surprisingly tho.

The game developers are usually tracking the new trends in order to create the best video game, but there are games that will always be on top of everyone’s list. For example, Mario Bros. No matter how many upgraded versions of Mario Bros were launched and will be launched in the future, the original Super Mario Bros that was launched back in 1985 will never get out of the style. Initially, it was designed for the Nintendo Entertainment System that itself had the great breakthrough during the 1980s with having 61.91 million units sold in that decade. But although this breakthrough happened 30 years ago, when Apple Inc.launched the Super Mario run, it had the download record of 2.85 million downloads in only 24 hours, beating the 900,000 downloads in a day of Pokemon GO. And we all know how Pokemon GO made all nations crazy.

And what about the Tetris? No matter how young you might be, there is no chance that you can say that you have never heard of it and be addicted to it at least for a while! It was launched in 1984 and for now, there are 495 million copies sold. Rather simple, but also mind obsessing game, has been sold in 70 million physical copies, while it ranked among the best selling video games on mobile phones with over 425 million paid downloads. According to this, every 14th person in the world is playing the paid copy of the game.

And what are the rest best selling video games? Click on 15 best selling video games of all time by Insider Monkey and find out.

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