15 Best States For Aerospace Engineers

Which are the best states for Aerospace engineers? The field of mathematics, Science, and technology produces experts in their respective fields who have mastered their understanding of their subjects. Math is a very important field of study, though people nowadays are least bothered by it as their minute calculations are now done by the calculators. The subject of Space seems to be interesting and a little bit complicated. It is nothing but a challenge to excel in this great field. If there is an area of science which I would personally like to enter, it would be the space and technology field. The engineering concerning space is basically devoted to studying and developing of aircraft and space.

Image Credit: Pixabay

Aeronautical and astronautically science is a field of engineering. The engineers in these field design and build with things that can fly such as, spacecraft, satellite, and missiles. It requires a tremendous amount of skill and foresight for calculations, taking into consideration many things. Apart from the normal insight, you have to be aware of a lot of things. The major subject for space engineers is Physics. The best states for the space engineers are listed here. While preparing the list, we took the mean of the annual salary of the number of employees from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Since seventeen states were missing in the statistics, we had to keep in mind this factor also. We also looked into the cost of living index taken from MERIC.

The best states to arrive ats depend on the low cost of living and high average annual salary in each state. The best states for Aerospace engineers are Texas, Mississippi, Kentucky, and Illinois which figure in our list as the destination for the space experts to head to. Texas has an annual mean salary of $111,480 with an hourly mean wage of $53.59 and a living cost index of 90.7. Mississippi pays an annual mean salary of $102, 590 and has an employee strength of 110 with an hourly mean wage of $49.32. The cost of living index is 86. Kentucky has total employees of 130, with a living cost of the index at 90.8 and an hourly mean wage of $49.75. The annual mean salary is $103,490. In Illinois, the cost of living index is 95.5 whereas the annual mean salary is $102,020. The hourly mean wage is $50.49 and the total strength of employees is 370.

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