15 Biggest Hotel Chains in the World

How did these 15 biggest hotel chains in the world became so great and worldwide known that their owners could spread their business not just in several cities, but the several countries around the world?

When picking the hotel for your vacation, you are always looking for the ones with the best reviews. Of course, 4 to 5 stars are the best, but not everyone can afford this kind of luxury. But, if you are looking for the full perfect service, you should be prepared to spend a bit more cash than expected.


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Although it is now usual for each hotel in the world to have some features such as free WiFi, room service, and air condition, it hasn’t always been like this. Just a few years ago, you could walk in a 4 to 5 stars hotel and, besides the bed, closet, and equipped bathroom, there was nothing else available for you. Some hotels offered the WiFi password, but only for paying some extra fee. Of course, guests staying in suites always enjoyed more benefits and better service, but, for us mortals, some things were just a dream. Now, every hotel offers a free WiFi, minibar/fridge in a room, room service and many more things.

Still, some hotels pop out from the crowd. They are that well organized and have unique and stylish service that even as the lower class guest, you are offered a luxury.
Not that surprisingly, those are the hotels with the greatest online reviews out there. Since the demand for staying there is so high, sometimes you need to book a room or a suite a few months later, if you even can. This well worked out business allowed an owner to spread to other cities and even countries.

All of them are bragging about minimum 9-digits revenue and who knows how many franchises all around the world. Who knows? Well, we do. Insider Monkey did a bit of a research regarding this topic and discovered some amazing facts. For example, Choice Hotels International Inc (NYSE: CHH), originally opened in the US is showing off with $859 million revenue. How? Besides the original Choice Hotels International placed in several places around the world, it operates around 6,420 hotels and franchises under the brand names such as Clarion, Sleep Inn, Comfort Inn, MainStay Suites, Comfort Suites, and Quality, and, besides that, it has a cloud-based technology division called SkyTouch that provides services such as pricing, connectivity, and inventory management.

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