15 Largest Private Employers in The World

Who are 15 largest private employers in the world and is working for them really an option?

The demand for working for private companies is jumping up every day in every country. The majority of private companies are not always looking for the degree which is really good for people who are not the college material or are still studying.


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On the other hand, elderly people are always telling us to find some job in some government’s office if possible or at least some institution that belongs to the country. They believe that the salary should be proper but also that the amount of money that you would receive on a yearly basis isn’t the most important criteria. More important is to fulfill the criteria for retirement one day and to have benefits packages. This includes paid healthcare insurance policies, paid holidays and days off, maternity and paternity leaves, etc.

But younger generations have a different view on the whole situation. First of all, we realize that the things have changed. Sure, we are willing to finish college in order to get degrees and find a proper job. But will we? Really? Well, we won’t. First of all, all of us live in country that carries about nepotism more than anything. For example, look at the new US government. Trump managed to find some good position for his entire family. And what happened to people who were already there? I have no idea and it is questionable how many other people know. But the more interesting question is: what is going to happen with all the members of Trump’s elite family after his mandate expires? Will they be left on these positions since they have brains for it? Since they are bringing the country that was discovered a bit more than 500 years ago on the top, just like Obama family did. It took me 5 minutes to type this sentence because I laugh so hard that I thought I was going to fall off the chair.

Now, seriously. We are all aware the competition for the job. Besides, people are getting retired later and later each year which doesn’t really make some room for new generations to take the throne. And we all need to work and we all need money. How are we going to support ourselves and raise families one day if we are unemployed? As you already assumed, by working for some private company. And who are 15 largest private employers in the world? Click to find out.

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