15 Most Successful Penny Stocks in History

Penny stock market is a bit less popular on the broker market because of great risks and low chances of future incomes but there are 15 most successful penny stocks in history that proved that everything is possible when it comes to broker’s heaven.

The stock market has always been and it always will be risky business. Even professionals who are in this business for decades can never say for sure what is going to happen tomorrow and whether some investment will pay off or not. It is one of the riskiest but most profitable business.


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Some people compare it to gambling and that might be correct. On the other hand, both gambling and stocks are based on the luck but the stock market is also based on facts and predictions that can but don’t have to be the truth. The person that usually makes the biggest profit is the stock analytic since he or she is just playing with facts and statistics and give advice to more influential people that don’t really care whether they are going to lose or not. They usually give enough money that won’t be felt if lost or people who really invest as gamblers. Some small amount to have fun. Now, everything is just luck.

When it comes to penny stocks, they are less famous stocks. Some people don’t even know that they exist, and the ones that know that there are on the list don’t really pay a lot of attention on analyzing them or investing in them.

Penny stocks are actually penny trading for pennies under 1$ per share. On the other hand, SEC is defining it as a security issued small company that trades under 5$ per share. Majority of them are being traded over the counter, most frequently on the OTC Bulletin Board. On the other hand, a man can also find cheaper stocks traded on major exchanges there.

Besides being unpopular in the first place, penny stocks have one more flaw and that’s misleading information about them. For example, people from the broker’s world are familiar with Twitter – Tweeter confusion in 2013, when Twitter’s ticker was confused with this bankrupt retailer, which led to a serious spike. There was a volume of over 14 million shares and surge by more than 1,400% in a day, which was completely amazing.

Since this topic is quite amazing in general, here is the full article of 15 most successful penny stocks in history to read.

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