16 Best Places to Visit in the USA in December

It is never too early to start making plans for Christmas vacation and, if you are looking into spending it in the USA, you sure want to read about 16 best places to visit in the USA in December.

As a Winter person, I always do my best in planning on vacations during the second half of December and the whole January. Although these are among the coldest months in the year, those are also the months with the most beautiful weather and the 2 of the most waited holidays in the year: Christmass and the New Year’s Eve!

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It is fun for both kids and adults. Snow is falling, the equipment for the best Snowman is ready, sleds are cleaned up and ready to start and, on the top of the white décor on every single thing outside are the colorful lights and decorations all over the every part of the world.

But not everyone enjoys the snow and colder days. Some people already start missing the summer, so, as always, Insider Monkey made the very variable list at the beginning of this year and they took both sunny and wintery places into consideration.

So, if you are living in a place where, after only the first week of December you have trouble getting out of the house because of all the snow that falls, and you are crying out loud for some hot days again, Hawaii is the perfect place for you. It is the warmest destination for December holidays and, instead of wearing the double layers of clothes even while you are in your house, you will be enjoying surfing, scuba diving, island hopping, parasailing, and wander throughout the jungles and exploring the most beautiful waterfalls in the world.

On the other hand, if you live in some place where in the middle of the winter temperature doesn’t go below 10° and you can only see snow in crystal balls or TV, why would you travel to a place where no one has seen the snow in their history as well? In that case, book your flight to Anchorage, AK. It is said to be the winter wonderland, with all the winter sports included such as winter biking and snowshoeing, and, besides that, you can experience the unique ways of traveling such as dog sledding and heli-skiing.

Before we go on to the full list of the best places to visit in the USA in December, there is just one thing you should keep in mind. No matter where you travel, you need to remember that you will experience the horrible traffic that can be ruined with both nervous drivers, long queues, and, the worst of all, ice. So be sure you brought your safety equipment.

Now, when we got that straight, it is time for you to read the full list of 16 Best Places to Visit in the USA in December! Enjoy your holidays!

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