17 Companies That Accept Bitcoin

While Bitcoin sounded like a great idea for some people, it is still not that well accepted everywhere as the legal way of payment. But if you own some, track down 17 companies that accept Bitcoin.

The whole point of bitcoin is to have one unique currency in each country, which would save us from the constant chase for the best currency in the world. more than 10,000 ATMs all over the Europe are already dispensing Bitcoin, and it is approved by the State of Washington to use a Bitcoin as a payment method for buying pots.

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The acceptance rate of a bitcoin is very high and still rising among people and among companies as the initial idea, while the realization of using it as a stable currency is still slow. Although, it is estimated that in a couple of months over 260,000 stores in Japan will be accepting the Bitcoin as a payment method. The first major company that accepted Bitcoin was the Overstock.com Inc that even gave a keynote address on the topic of bitcoins and their potentially invaluable role in society in 2014.

The value of a bitcoin has surprisingly jumped by more than 50% only this year and its worth is now estimated to be more than $1,500. So imagine the surprise of a Norwegian man, who bought 5,000 bitcoins in 2009 for no reason and never intended to use them because of their low worth to find out now how much money can he get for those.

So, look through your apps and check if you might accidentally buy some bitcoins by yourself. Of course, be careful which wallet app you download in that case because the frauds are everywhere online and they tend to rob their users. Last year around 10 different fake Bitcoin wallet apps were tracked down that robbed victims for around $20,000.

But if you were smart enough, you will find a way to protect yourself and use your bitcoins for buying necessary equipment. Although, as I already mentioned at the beginning, not every corporation has accepted the use of a bitcoin, but most of the technology online companies allow you to purchase items from their stores using bitcoins. If you own at least one bitcoin, that worths around $1,500, you will be able to purchase items directly from companies such as Microsoft Corporation, Dell Inc, Tesla Inc, PayPal and much more which you can find out about by clicking on 17 companies that accept Bitcoin by Insider Monkey.

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