17 Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers

What are Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers? Teenage is the age group when we learn that differences in opinion matter! We might come across somebody who actually makes sensible arguments against our beliefs which help us broaden our minds. But, on the other hand, we also come across people who are just plain silly. We have come up with a list of the Controversial Debate Topics for Teenagers. This can help you know others’ opinions and learn more. You will learn to look at issues from an angle you might have never considered before. Some of these issues will actually help you form an opinion about the type of life you want for yourself. You will probably vote for the right person if you have the necessary knowledge. Apart from these national and world issues, we do know that a teen’s life is fraught with problems, stress, and complexities. We assure you that we have not forgotten about them either!

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We sourced information for this article from Reader’s Digest, Bright Hub Education, and Procon. “Eliza Starting at 16” is a podcast where a teen from New York talks about her teen annoyances and things she deals with. She has just gotten into Harvard, so we suppose she does know what she’s talking about!

Has Facebook lost its edge or nah?, Is tradition to hold society back or nah?, Should visible tattoos be allowed in the work place or nah?, and Do photoshopped images promote unrealistic expectations of beauty and body image or nah?

These are some of the issues which teens will be able to talk about quite comfortably. Every teen, child, adult, aged has a Facebook account today. Even those dwelling in the caves! It was immensely popular when it started and many believe that it is still going on just as strongly. Many use it for networking, popularizing their ventures, and for publicity. Do you believe that it still has the influence it had a few years back? Tattoos are definitely something the teens can connect with. Though it’s super cool and everything, are visible tattoos really professional? What’s your take on it? An excellent thought-provoking question is whether photoshopped images stressing on beauty and body give pressure to the teens to match that level of perfection? Even the model who actually posed for it was photoshopped heavily! It is high time people come out to stop body shaming and let everyone live their life in peace. Read on to know the other topics.

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