19 Fun Cooking Classes in NYC

Let’s get beautiful and fat with 19 fun cooking classes in NYC!

I love cooking but as a working mother, I started hating it slowly. It isn’t just my pleasure now. It is one of the many chores I have every day, at least three times a day, and, sometimes, I really get sick of the oven. While I was pregnant, I experimented a lot with food and ingredients and I planned on surprising my family with the different innovative dish at least once a week. But the reality is different. First of all, I don’t have time to cook. Every day, I just think of dishes that can be ready in less than an hour, so I could do everything I supposed to until my kid gets from the kindergarten. To be honest, I can skip some meal but he can’t so there should always be something for him in a fridge.

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Even when we organize some BBQ. There is more work than relaxation and even before everything is set up for eating, I am already exhausted and sick of all the meat on the table, so I usually skip it.

But I miss it. I miss the time when I gathered my friends over to my house so we can have some meal together, where some of them would bring some drinks, some of us would mess everything up around the kitchen, and some of them were too lazy to do anything and just sat there relaxed and waited for the meal to be served. Honestly, I miss even those lazy ones. I really miss the time when making food was relaxing and a satisfaction.

But the New York City has to offer something to keep their citizens excited about making the food. It has a million different classes that people can attend and learn to cook international and home made food. But besides teaching you how to make the best meal ever and which ingredient goes with what food, some chefs took it to the next level and you can now enjoy BYOB classes, joined meals, themed parties, classes for couples, classes for the whole family, and even the baking classes for the youngest ones. These chefs won’t let you down and won’t let any attending to feel left out or annoyed. On the contrary. Your experience would be so good that you won’t settle down until you get back there. Don’t be afraid, all of these classes are affordable.

Wanna go? Click on the 19 fun cooking classes in NYC and pick the one to book right now!

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