20 Best Money Making Apps for Android Phones for 2017

Keep reading about the best money making apps for android phones for 2017. Can you earn money with a single android phone? Is it really true? Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find the great answers for this question. As for me, I have alwas been skeptical about earning money with apps or on websites. When internet came into general use, and it could be found in every (or almost every houshold) the entire internet was flooded with high primising offers, that said you could get high salary with their webites.

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So what is the truth about it? Now Inider Monkey has investigated this topic thoroughly. How can you relize that you have met a scam app or site? The easiest way to recognize a fraudulent money making an app is if they require you to pay a certain amount upfront either to become a member of the “club” or to withdraw the money you earned through the app. The other red flag is when the app asks you to give your personal inforamtion. If these happen, delete the app immediately and do not spend more time with it.

We have picked three apps for android from Insider Monkey’s list for now. Field Agent will require you to do some legwork. Basically, Field Agent has a nationwide (U.S.) list of simple tasks you are required to perform. For example, the task may be for you to snap a photo of a retail store display. The companies want to ensure all of their locations are well maintained. You can earn from $3 to $12, depending on the complexity of the task. Appcasher  doesn’t give you money, you can earn various gift cards. Your task is to download the apps this app offers you, test them and after that, you get points that you can exchange for gift cards. Although the app seems legit, there aren’t lots of points to be made. After you install Swagbucks you’ll need to take surveys, watch an advertisement or search the web. By doing so, you’ll be earning “SB”, which are then transferred to Amazon, iTunes, Target, and many other gift cards. All this sounds interesting, so I am wondering to test one or two of them.

Insider Monkey recently published an article in which we can find lots of interesting facts about this topic 20 best money making apps for android phones for 2017

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