21 Highest Paying Countries For Expats

Not that many people are satisfied with jobs they can get in their own country so they are in the constant look for the better life in other countries, where they can have the higher salary as well. So let’s find out more about 21 highest paying countries for expats.

Since we allowed the amount of salary to prove our worth, it is completely natural that people are looking for professions that will earn them the most money. When that part fails, the majority of people decide that it is time for them to pack their bags, take their passports, and go abroad.


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Although the jobs that they might find out there are sometimes much difficult than the one they had in their homeland, they usually pick some country where the salary they would have can allow them to live not like kings, but in any case far better than they would if they stayed home.

But although the money is better out there, expats face other issues in their new life. First of all, most of them have to forget about visiting their family and friends for some longer period of time that can take up to few years. It is especially hard for them if they go out there without any recommendations or connections so, not just they would have to find the cheap place to live on their own, but they would also spend a lot of money they brought with themselves while looking the job. Let’s face it. No matter how expats-friendly some country can be, not everyone is open-minded enough to allow every person that walks in to start working there.

On the other hand, by moving to another country, except for the better salary, you will be given the opportunity to meet different cultures, as well as the people.

Speaking of it, what are the most expat-friendly countries in the world? Insider Monkey decided to look into it and find out the highest paying countries for expats. To do that, they borrowed the data from MyExpatriate Markey Pay Survey about the salaries, tax implications, and benefits.

Of course, among the top 10 is the USA, although I am not sure how the new government will affect their place on some future list of this matter.

More surprisingly, Germany is the last on the list of highest paying countries for expats. I always knew that Germany had the strong and stable economy which is why many immigrants choose it for their next destination, but, to be true, I thought that it would be a lot higher ranked. But no matter the ranking, Germany is still one of the best countries for expats to find a job.

But if you want to spread your views a bit more, here is the full list of 21 highest paying countries for expats to check out.

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