25 Best States For Accountants and Auditors

Which are the best states for accountants and auditors? Let us now look into the best states that are suited for accountants and auditors. The role of accountants and auditors comes into prominence when the tax time comes. I did all my tax calculations on Turbo Tax. The procedure is simple and I just had to give the necessary input to arrive at my tax liability. I am not aware of the intricacies of tax but Turbo Tax has helped me to do my tax liability myself within the comforts of my home. The accountants play with numbers and relish their job. As an ordinary man, when I get W2, I get worried even though the procedure to fill is easy. This is where the accountants and auditors come in and do all the paperwork with ease and accuracy. The role of the accountants is to provide solutions to your tax problems. If you happen to be an accountant, you might naturally be interested in knowing the states which pay the most to the accountants.

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We prepared the list by taking help from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. We drew from the statistics the average annual salary and the number of employees. We sourced the cost of living index in each state from MERIC. Both the annual salary and the cost of the index are to be looked into as they are the perimeter to allow you to decide where to stay. If the salary is low when compared to high cost of living, then it is not worth going to that place. The best state is one which can give you a good salary with a low cost of the index. We took the average of both these factors to create the list and rank them accordingly.

The best states for accountants and auditors are Idaho, Missouri, and Delaware. Idaho with an employee strength of 3970 employees has a decent cost of living index at 89.6 and the annual mean salary is $71,960 while mean hourly wage is $34.59. Missouri employs 24,130 employees with a cost of living index being 90.8 and annual mean salary estimated at $70,530 which averages to an hourly mean wage of $33.90. In Delaware, the number of employees is 5890 and an annual mean salary of $77,860. The mean hourly wage works out to $37.43 and the cost of living index at 102.6.

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