25 Best States for Advertising Salesmen

Which are the Best States for Advertising Salesmen? If you are an advertising salesman and are looking to move and are interested in knowing about the Best States for Advertising Salesmen, you have come to the right place! Advertisements essentially are not worthy and are troublesome. As I do not want to watch any ad, I intentionally avert watching them. The work of the advertiser is very well appreciated, but it is always disturbing and upsetting because there are loads and loads of them. While watching an ad, we might want to buy them and not being able to buy them, because of lack of money which is very bothersome and irritating.

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The blank space is sold to the customers by the ad salesmen. They are the ones who sell the space to the promising promoter to develop some new features in the new products. These ad salesmen work in televisions, radios, and print media selling them the business and blank space. The advertising and the marketing sector go hand in hand with the ad salesman and the places that are feasible and applicable for the ad salesman are applicable for the marketing managers also. These ad salesmen are responsible for the selection of the ads that a person sees constantly during the day.

For developing this list, there have to be three proofs which have to be considered. The average salary of the ad salesman, employment rates and the cost of living has to be studied, only then decide the best place for a career. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center are the two of the most important centers to give these data. In the top of the list are those states, which have the lowest cost of living index, highest annual salary, and the highest employment rate. Florida, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and Virginia are the Best States for Advertising Salesmen. Florida pays an annual median salary of $56,110, the employment rate is 11,160, and the cost of living is 99. Pennsylvania has an annual median salary of $68,600, the employment rate is 4,740, while the cost of living is 102. Annual median salary in Minnesota is $62,610, the employment rate is 2,840, and the cost of living is 101.1. Annual median salary in Virginia is $58,040 and the employment rate is 2,370 while the cost of living is 100.2. Check out the complete article for information on other states.

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