25 Best States For Dental Hygienists

Which are the Best States For Dental Hygienists? Are you a student looking to pursue a career in dental hygiene? We have put together this list of the best states for Dental Hygienists. Dental care is a field not many are interested in. If you are interested, that’s good news for all those who are cramming chocolates into their mouth right now! There are many categories of dental care but we have decided to concentrate on detail hygiene alone for this article. They perform dental cleaning, clean the plaque, and other activities. They inform you about flossing and it’s importance. If you are planning to study dental care or are already a dental hygienist, you should probably start your research on the best place you can settle down in the United States. This list will help you with just that!

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We obtained the average annual wages from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average cost of living data was sourced from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. We took both the factors into consideration so that you can see how much you can make out of your salary in different places according to the cost of living of that place. We used the average of the two factors and used it to sort the states on the list. The ones that top the list are the which have a low cost of living and high wages, that being the ideal life. Read on to know more!

Washington, Texas, Arkansas, and Utah are among the Best States For Dental Hygienists. Washington has a Cost of Living Index of 107.1. The annual average pay is $90,150 with the hourly pay being $43.34. There are about 5,800 employees here. Texas has a Cost of Living Index of 90.7. The hourly pay is $35.08 with the annual average pay being about $72,980. Around 12,500 employees are in Texas. Arkansas’s Cost of Living Index is 88.5. One can earn about $31.46. The annual average salary is $65,450. Around 1,430 employees work in Arkansas. Utah’s Cost of Living Index rate is 92.8. The Annual Mean Salary is $68,570 with $32.96 being the hourly wages. 2,650 people are employed here. Check out the rest of the cities on this list of the Best States For Dental Hygienists.

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