25 Best States for Dietitians and Nutritionists

Even though as a dietitian and nutritionist you don’t deal with patients the way that other doctors do, your job is still more important than anyone can imagine and, as the self-awareness is on the rise in the last couple of years, people started appreciating this profession more than ever. Insider Monkey recently published an article about 25 best states for dietitians and nutritionists where it counted down 25 states where people of your profession would earn the most money and find the job easiest.

Since we all live in the rush in the last couple of years, we learned how to everything quickly. As it turned out, this way of life isn’t the healthiest neither for our physical nor mental health. Our brains are working 500 miles per an hour, we forgot how to enjoy long showers and, most important, we forgot how to eat properly.

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Many scientific researches done in the last decade showed how much our way of life is affecting our health, while we are not even aware of their consequences. For example, our nerves system is being damaged by overthinking, overforcing our brain and being fussy. The biggest problem here is that our brain is a big puzzle and, even though we know some things regarding it, we are still unaware of all possibilities that have only by using our brain. But there is no purpose in any matter if our brain and nervous system are too damaged to work properly. After the depression, our body starts breaking down as well, which leads to serious medical conditions which can, but also the ones that can’t be fixed by doctors. Unfortunately, most of the times, this ends up in death.

This also happens if we don’t take care of our body properly. We start out by consuming the junk food and end up taking unhealthy diets, not to heal ourselves, but to lose some weight. In order to do this properly, we have specialists in diets and nutrition, and they are really high in demand lately. As it turned out, by just modifying our eating habits, we can heal our body like no medication can.

But how much money do dietitians and nutritionists make? To find this out, Insider Monkey’s team searched through the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ database and found the states that hire and give the highest salaries to dietitians and nutritionists. But is that enough to target the best state for dietitians and nutritionists in general? Well, it isn’t as simple as that. But still, not that complicated either. To find this out, they only had to add one more parameter and that was the cost of living index. After they counted down everything, their list was ready to be published.

If you want to see the results, check out 25 best states for dietitians and nutritionists by Insider Monkey.

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