25 Best States for Firefighters

Grateful for everything they have done and are still doing for people all around the world, Insider Monkey created a list of 25 best states for firefighters.

Firefighters are the bravest people in the world. They risk their life on a daily basis by going into the most dangerous places, filled with the fire and the smoke that are damaging their lungs and destroying them, to save people who are trapped and scared. Without them, the fire would sure be our greatest enemy that would clear up at least the half of the population.


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Every few days, a new story about some heroic act of firefighters comes up. From rescuing little kittens from the trees to pulling out toddlers and babies from the burned houses. They are not taking anyone’s life for granted and they don’t expect anything in return. They are just happy to be able to prolong people’s lives and save both people and the planet.

But how much are firefighters actually appreciated by the governments? Apparently, not every government in the world is willing to try to pay off firefighters’ service by giving them more benefits and the higher salaries.

According to the United States Department of Labour, the average salary for firefighters in the whole country is $49,330 on the annual basis, which is approximately $24 per an hour. And even though in a bit less than a half of these 25 best states for firefighters these professionals are earning more than $24 per an hour, and when we take a look at the status of the whole country, numbers are even bigger, there is a catch. The highest salary isn’t the only thing to pay attention to. There are also the costs of living and the employment.

For example, one of the countries that are on the list of 25 best states for firefighters is California, with the hourly wage of $32.65. And although this is the third highest salary on this list, California earned the 14th place. Why? Although the jobs are always available for firefighters and, according to the latest research, there are 34,100 employed firefighters in the state, the cost of living index is rather high. The average cost of living index is 100 and California passed that limit a long ago with its index of 134.8.

As you can see, many things need to be taken into consideration. So let’s see the list of 25 best states for firefighters.

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