25 Best States for Lawyers

Suit up and let’s see 24 best states for lawyers.

Being a lawyer isn’t just a matter of having a great memory to remember all the laws that exist. It is also having great communication skills and being brave enough to go against even toughest criminals.

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People think that lawyers are supposed to bring the justice and that it is something that they are supposed to do no matter what. If they fail, it is seen as their fault, even though there are many factors regarding judge’s decision.

Being a lawyer is actually one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. If you defend an innocent victim, there is always a chance that you are putting yourself and your family at the risk. What happens if you have a strong case, but the criminal you are going against is actually a very influencing person that has connections and knows who to bribe? It means that not only that the victim will suffer even more and that you might have some consequences for trying to put someone behind the locks. If you, on the other hand, manage it, they will go out from the jail eventually or they already have someone outside. And who can be sure what someone is capable of doing?

Sometimes you wonder: is it really worth it? Especially if you are underpaid. What if the first five years of your job isn’t enough to cover the expenses you had during college period? That is why Insider Monkey researched this topic a bit more and figured out what 25 best states for lawyers were. The list was based on two main factors: high salary and low cost of living index. This data was taken from the Missouri Department of Economic Development and, of course, the highest average salary and the lowest cost of living index are at the top. Other factors that were considered were the demand for people with lawyers’ degrees and the development of the legal system.

You need to know that, even though 15 out of 25 best states for lawyers have the cost of living index below 100, there are many that have the cost of living index above 120. This, of course, means nothing if the salary is low, but, in this case, the average hourly wage is higher than $50.
So let’s find out which 25 best states for lawyers found their place on the list.

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