25 Best States for Medical Secretaries

If you are working in a health care administration, you might want to check out 25 best states for medical secretaries that Insider Monkey published a while ago.

Although medical secretaries don’t have to deal with patients in a way that medical specialists do, they are still too important part of every health care community and their influence and work should not be diminished just because of the lack of skills to treat patients.

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Medical secretaries are not entitled to treat patients in any matter. They are not specialized in giving them shots or examine them in any way, but they are still a very important addition to every patient’s care. First of all, medical secretaries are the first persons that each patient meets when they enter some doctor’s office. The job of the medical secretary is to get all information that doctor will need during the examination, which includes the current problem of the patient, finding the records of previous treatments, family medical history. Besides dealing with patients, medical secretaries are also responsible for ordering surgical and medical supplies as well as arranging hospitalization.

As you can notice, being a medical secretary doesn’t only mean answering phones and taking messages. There is much more responsibility than that. And which state respects medical secretaries the most? To find the answer to this question, Insider Monkey’s team consulted the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and Missouri Economic Research and Information Center for the most important parameters for compiling the list. These parameters were the annual mean wage as well as the hourly wage, the number of employees, and, of course, the cost of living index.

Each of 25 states from the list is offering minimum $30,000 on the annual basis, which is about $15 per an hour at least. But this still isn’t enough to determine the best state for medical secretary because higher salary doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have enough for all your living expenses and here is the moment when the cost of living index jumps to the scene, or, in this case, in the equation. So, the higher salary in combination to the lower cost of living index resulted in Minnesota as the best state for medical secretaries. If you are already familiar with the rest of Insider Monkey’s articles, you might already figure out that the cost of living index in Minnesota is not that low. But let’s get back to the beginning where we mentioned that medical secretaries are earning about $30,000 per a year. Unlike other states, Minnesota is offering $41,260 which is the big difference, giving all circumstances. And, besides that, it already has 11,200 employees and more in-demand, so there is no chance that you will be left without the job there.

Still, if you are not that much into Minnesota, there are 24 more that you can check out. Here is the link to 25 best states for medical secretaries for all the information you need.

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