25 Best States for Microbiologists

Insider Monkey recently published another article about the best states for certain career, and this time it is time for 25 best states for microbiologists.

As always, I will try my best to get this profession closer to you my bringing up some interesting and useful facts, and, after we are done with counting down the top 5 states, you will decide if you are willing to get the insight to the full original article.

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Since the microbiology is a bit trickier science, where, the ones that decide to take it as their career path, have to be able to deal with all sorts of bacteria, viruses, fungi, algae, have to take the higher and longer study road to be able to enter this medicine area. Besides working on microorganisms that human bodies’ are confronting, microbiologists are also dealing with organisms that effect industrial and agricultural interests.

In order to be able to do that, there is a 4-year entry level study to get the Bachelors degree, after which there are series of studies for Masters or Doctorate degree. These degrees will allow independed researches and teaching at some university. For all of their effort on the professional level, microbiologists in the US are earning $66,850 per a year on average, which is about $32,14 per an hour.

To find the best 25, Insider Monkey’s team took several things into consideration such as average mean wage and the number of employees that they took from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and the cost of living index from Missouri Economic Research And Information Center. After they did the math, the list of 25 best states for microbiologists was done and ready to go and the states that found their place in the top 5 are Montana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Iowa, and Georgia, so let’s see why.

If you would look for the state that is offering the highest salary for the microbiologists, I can assure you that you would have none of these states into consideration. Although all of them are offering between $73,000 and $85,000, there are two states on the list that are way upfront in this matter and those are California ($92,220) and Maryland ($95,810). So why aren’t they in top 5? Well, simply because of the high cost of living which are 134 and 125. So even though neither of these states would take the first place if all of these parameters were ranked individually, when looking at the whole picture, there is no state that could replace some of them.

Montana, the fifth state on the list, offers the annual wage of $82,140, while the cost of living index is the US average, 100.8. Even bigger plus is the number of employees, which is only 110 and there is still room for more.
As far as the number of employees is concerned, microbiologists have even bigger chances in Mississippi, where there are currently only 40 people on this position. Even though the salary is far lower, $73,880, the cost of living index is fallen down to 86, which is really impressive, giving all the circumstances.
The state that took over the third place from Mississippi is Arkansas, with already about 150 employees in this field, but the other two parameters, even with the really slightest differences, made the point and those are $76,950 salary on the annual basis and 85.5 cost of living index.
The next state is Iowa with higher numbers for every parameter individually: 200 employees, cost of living index of 91.7, and the annual mean wage of $82,950.
And the biggest revelation is Georgia. You will be surprised to find out that the number one state on the list of 25 best is the state that has almost 20 times more employees than Mississippi, but, as it turn out, the annual wage of $85,980 and the cost of living index of 91.4 were crucial in this matter.

You have seen the top 5, but for further information, let’s move to the original Insider Monkey’s article about 25 best states for microbiologists.

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