25 Best States For Optometrists

If you are looking to move in a state where you and your family will have a better life, and you are in eyes business, you are at the right place because we are here now to present 25 best states for optometrists based on a compilation of several features.

If you have already earned your degree as optometrists, you already know how long is a path to become one. You will have to be in school for 10 years, at least, and if you run away from classes and studies as far as you can, then pass the optometric right away. The first four years are all about earning a bachelor’s degree.  To do that, you have to pass biology, science, chemistry, physiology, and calculus. Although many students finish everything after 4 years on other colleges, you won’t be so lucky because there are 4 new years waiting for you as soon as you get your bachelor’s degree when you start chasing after Doctor of Optometry degree. But like these 8 years wouldn’t be enough, there is an Optometry Admission Test that you need to pass in order to start some internship or clinical rotations. Is it all worth it?

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At least, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ database, it is, because the median annual salary for optometrists is about $106,140, which makes it about $51,03 per an hour. Of course, there are states that will pay about $200,000 to optometry specialists, such as Connecticut, but most of the states from our list are offering a bit more than $130,000 on the annual basis. Since we have already revealed which country offers the biggest salaries to optometrists, we need to mention that Connecticut didn’t take the first place on our list of 25 best states for optometrists. Let me explain. Although the state offers the biggest salary, its citizens have a lot of costs and higher bills than the average cost of living in the US. According to our research, the index of the cost of living in Connecticut is 130.7, which is much higher than the cost of living in Mississippi and Oklahoma which is a bit less than 90. Another thing that we took as a parameter as well is the number of employees per a state. This way it should be easier for you to apply for a job when you know how open for new employees these states are.

So would you like to know what are 25 best states for optometrists?

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