25 Best States For Orthodontists

Which are the Best States For Orthodontists? Are you an orthodontist or are maybe studying to become one? You might have questions about which is the best state for you to settle down in. We understand your concern and hence, we have created this list of the Best States For Orthodontists. Since moving to a new state is not a small decision, you should research thoroughly before you make up your mind. Orthodontics is a special part of dentistry. They diagnose, prevent, cure, and treat dental issues such as underbites, overbites, and crooked teeth. Orthodontists generally use braces to put these issue right but they also advise teeth aligners like Invisalign. A regular dentist concentrates of cleaning your teeth while an orthodontist concentrates on getting you the perfect set of teeth. They are engaged in preventing or treating malpositioned teeth.

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We obtained information about the annual average pay from Salary and sourced the cost of living index from the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center. We averaged these factors to sort the states. Cost of living is the main factor as if a state is really too expensive to live in, then one must also earn enough to live a comfortable life and be able to save a bit. The ideal combination would be a state with a high salary and a low cost of living. The ones near this criteria are featured at the top of the list. Read on to know which the best states for orthodontists are.

A few of the Best States For Orthodontists are Indiana, Tennessee, Kansas, and Iowa. Indiana pays the Orthodontists an annual average pay of $125,626 with the hourly wage being $60.39. Orthodontists in Tennessee are paid $121,490 annually with an hourly wage of $58.40. The annual average pay in Kansas s $121,272 and $58.30 is the hourly wages. Orthodontists in Iowa are paid an annual salary of about $121,163 with the hourly wages being $58.25. The cost of living index for Indiana is 87.9 while that of Tennessee is 89.8. Kansas has a cost of living index of 90.4 and Iowa a cost of living index of 91.7. Check out the entire article with details given about the average pay, the hourly wages, and the cost of living index of each state. Go through it and make an informed decision. Good luck!

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