25 Best States For Physicians and Surgeons

Which are the Best States for Physicians and Surgeons? If you happen to be a physician or for that matter, a surgeon and are interested in going to a new place then this list of the best States for physicians and surgeons will be helpful for you in order to make a decision. The thought of visiting a doctor brings about a certain degree of fear for most of us. I have myself undergone those anxious moments while visiting a doctor. Since most of the patients are scared of visiting a doctor, the medical fraternity should assure the patients by educating them and providing relief by increasing the confidence of the patient and helping them relax.

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The medical profession requires a great commitment on the part of the doctors. A Degree of Bachelor and medicine requires 4 years along with 3 years to 7 years as an internship program. The timing is mostly irregular and one has to work long shifts which put a strain on the mind and physic of the aspiring doctors. Though you have to dedicate your life for the well-being of the people, you are handsomely rewarded also. We had to do some vast research to find out the best states for doctors. To this effect, we consulted Bureau of Labor Statistics for Information and arrived at the mean average wage and the strength of employees in each state. We found out the cost of living index from Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.

Minnesota, New Mexico, Utah and West Virginia are a few of the best states for physicians and surgeons. The state Minnesota has a strength of 3980 employees and a cost of living index of 101.1, the annual wage mean is $253,440 which works out to mean hourly wage of $121.84. New Mexico with its 1700 employee force has its cost of living index 95.7, with an hourly wage of $112.33 and annual mean wage of $233,660. Utah has in its roll 1850 employees with a cost of living index at 92.8 and an annual mean wage of $224,260 and an hourly wage mean of$107.81. West Virginia has a cost of living index of 95.7 and the annual wage mean is $ 229,110 and an average hourly wage of $110.14 with a total strength of 2990 employees. Check out the entire article to know about the other states and their details.

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