25 Most Dangerous Countries For Expats

Which are the Most Dangerous Countries For Expats? If you were thinking about leaving your home country and moving to a new country, you should definitely do deep research about the countries so that you are not caught unaware in a strange country. Also, not all countries are safe for all people. That’s why we have come up with this list of the Most Dangerous Countries For Expats. Many move to a new land to start a new life. In recent times, the number of people choosing to move permanently away from their home country to another land is increasing by a great margin. This is not a simple decision as it could affect not only your life and future but also that of your family’s. You will have to consider all the factors and then take an informed decision. Out of all the factors you consider, safety is no doubt the most important one. It is always better that you research about the country you are planning to move to so that you will be able to avoid dangerous situations.

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In order to create this list, we first found out the top 40 countries for expats. This data was obtained from CN Traveler, Life Hack, and Business Insider. We also sourced information from Independent.co.uk, from INC, and International Living. We considered those countries which were present in all the sources and sorted them according to their crime rates. We were able to find the statistics related to crime rates on Numbeo. The higher the crime rate against foreigners of a certain country, the higher you will find it ranked on this list.

Some of the Most Dangerous Countries For Expats are Kenya, Russia, Colombia, and Mexico. Kenya has a crime rate of 64.96 in spite of being a tourist spot. Unsafe roads, robbery, and mugging are frequent. Russia has a crime of 46.65. Racism against Arabs, Asians, and Africans ending in violence is a major issue here. Robberies, assaults, pickpocketing, and ATM burglaries are common here. With a crime rate of 51.69, Colombia is known for its large number of cases related to carjacking, pickpocketing, kidnapping, and assault. Low cost of living and the great weather makes it an ideal destination for expats but it is not very safe. Check out the entire article to know which other countries are dangerous for expats.

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