25 Most Densely Populated Cities In The World vs. Manhattan

Which are the Most Densely Populated Cities In The World vs. Manhattan? New York City is known to crowded so we thought it would be fascinating to compare the Most Densely Populated Cities In The World vs. Manhattan. Manhattan is full of people, mainly in Midtown. From trains to other public transports, they are so crowded, it’s impossible to get some breathing space. Even if you are walking, you still have to brave the crowded city where you’ll find a thousand others like you who have chosen to walk exactly at the same time. Be it the day or the night, you are guaranteed to find people on the roads on Manhattan. Manhattan is New York City’s one out of the five sections. It’s the most densely populated one. It’s sometimes refreshing to be in such a place which is so full of life. Said that I actually prefer isolated mountain areas where I can actually breathe!

Image Credit: Pixabay

We got information from Telegraph, Nations Online, and City/Mayor Statistics. We found the population density ranking of each city and averaged it accordingly to all the sources. The population density of Manhattan is 70,826 people per sqKm, according to World Population Review. The list has been sorted in a way that the cities at the top will be the closest to Manhattan’s population density. Read on to know more about how the Manhattan crowd would seem if you were in another city! Would the most densely populated country have the highest population density of the countries on this list? It would be quite interesting to find out.

Mumbai in India, Lagos in Nigeria, Kinshasa in Congo, and Shanghai in China are some of the cities featured in the Most Densely Populated Cities In The World vs. Manhattan. The population density of Mumbai is 29,650 people per sqKm and the population is 14,350,000. Lagos’s population density is 18,150 people per sqKm and they have a population of 13,400,000. Kinshasa has a population density of 13,400 people per sqKm. They have a population of 10,000,000 and a land area of 746 sq km. Surprisingly, Shanghai’s population density is only 10,650 people per sqKm. Shanghai has a land area of 469 sqKm and a population of 5,000,000. Check out the entire article to know about which cities have the population density closest to that of Manhattan.

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