25 Poorest Cities in America in 2017

Although the US is seen as the dream land, where every dream can come true, where people have everything they need, these 25 poorest cities in America in 2017 are proof that nothing is as pink as it seems.

These cities that I am about to present are all rather smaller, which is why their industry and production are not as developed as the rest of the continent, which is why the city by itself is not able to afford the higher salary for their citizens. But, if you read this post, be aware that you can help them by getting involved in their economy by starting some industry over there. These cities are not that expensive to start your own business, and, although you won’t get some big money from the start, you will be among the first who recognized their potential. They lack a lot of resources, but they have other things to make them up.

Pixabay/Public Domain

To find these cities that had potential to get on the list, we had to find the annual median income for each city in America. To find that out, there had to be several resources involved, such as AOL, World Atlas, and Biz Journals. Each one of them had their own list of poorest cities in America with the lower incomes, so, by picking up their brains individually, we collected enough information to make our list even better and more detailed.

The interesting thing about this list is that most of the cities are located in Florida, followed by California, and Texas, the three states that actually found their ways to get on each of the lists we compiled before regarding some development. There are cities located in each of them that are said to be one of the wealthiest in the world, on the list that was talking about the best educational systems, states with the best colleges, states with the most developed industries, tourism especially. But as it turned out, while there really are parts of these three states that are developed and involved in community in general, that provide the very high GDP per capita, that every person in the world wants to visit someday, there are also more rural areas that not that many people are aware of that don’t have as much potential as their neighbors.

To find out which one are they, check out the list of 25 poorest cities in America in 2017.

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