25 States with the Highest Suicide Rates in America

Writing about suicide and its stats is not a great topic, but it’s edifying – so keep reading about the states with the highest suicide rates in America. Committing suicide isn’t the best solution that one can do. Nevertheless I don’t like judging anyone, and there can be reasons that can influence someone’s decisions. for example if somebody has an incurable disease….  Anyhow, we all know that life is not fair many times, and we have to face things that we don’t deserve, but life is nice and I firmly believe that we do have things for which it’s worth living. On the other hand, we all should take care of our beloved ones, we have to notice if they have problems, and we need to help them somehow.

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I think who has at least a really good friend who listens carefully – well, this person doesn’t commit a suicide. People who commit suicide are said to be weak, but the types of suicide show that committing them needs real brave manner… We should take care of people around to notice if they are in trouble. Preventing suicide is very important, and especially recognizing first signs of problems, since a lot of them happens as a result of some mental illness. But on the other side, some suicides happen unpredictably, after some emotional breakdown such as financial problems or everyday life stresses. It seems that economic status is one of the major depression causes, having in mind that population below the poverty level is 2.5 times more  stricken by the depression than the population living above the poverty level.

Now without a further ado let’s see what Insider Monkey has investigated for us. We have picked three states with the highest suicide rates in America from their list.

The first one is Alabama. Even though suicide is the second cause of death in the younger population, most of the suicides in Alabama are committed by adults, namely white males aged 40-54.Tennessee is the next one in the line.Tennessee had the highest suicide rate recorded in 2016, which was about 4% higher than the year before and the highest in last 35 years. Most of suicide the victims were middle-aged men living in rural areas. At last, but not least we are mentioning Kentucky. Suicide rates among teens are high in Kentucky (8.2% of high school children attempting suicide in 2016), and the trend is not decreasing. Teens and children from grades 7-12 seem to be the most vulnerable population and the most prone to commit suicide.

For any further useful information, read Insider Monkey’s article about 25 states with the highest suicide rates in America.

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