3 Most Wanted Drug Lords by DEA in 2020

Do you know who are the top 3 most wanted drug lords by DEA in 2020? No? Then come with us, as we are going to show you around Insider Monkey’s latest list. Drug means dirty money, guns, cartels, gangs, and deaths. Wherever drugs show up, people’s life fall into decay, streets become dangerous and DEA starts to investigate. These Drug Lords are so dangerous that only the best agents investigate after them, but even they can’t come anywhere near these Drug Lords. As for me, I’m proud never to have tried drugs, and I absolutely don’t regret skipping the possibilities. Many people told me before, they wanted to try everything as they didn’t want to regret skipping anything at the end of their life. Telling the truth I don’t feel this impulse, and I have never done so.

But let’s turn back to our issue, the drug lords. I think you are not surprised if I say Jesus Alfredo Guzman is on the list. You can also read about El Chapo’s son in Insider Monkey’s article, and in this latest one, there are more information about him. Then, here’s Juloi Alex Diaz, a 46 year-old man, who is wanted in the US for distributing cocaine, haeroin and fentanyl. I think all of you, guys know out there these kind of „lords” don’t only distribute drugs, but they are also involved in murders, too. Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes and his crimes are also infamous, no wonder he is present on the list of the 8 most wanted drug lords by DEA in 2020. He is the chief of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel. An incredible amount of $10 million is to given for the person who can serve any information which can lead Cervantes’ arrest. He started his carrier in the Milenio Cartel, but after his bosses were arrested or killed, he found out to form his own one. You can read further information on Insider Monkey’s compilation, so do not hezitate to click on the link above.

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